Account Transfers

Account Transfers

Moving? Selling? Buying? Renting ?

If you are purchasing  a home or business, or leasing a home, apartment or business, that is served by municipal water, you will be billed by the Big Flats Water Department.  The person or company you are buying or leasing from will be able to confirm they have a water account. You can always call the office to confirm.

Final bills are the responsibility of the seller , or in the case of tenancy, the one vacating the property.  Please note that in the case of tenancy if the final bill is not paid it becomes the responsibility of the property owner.  If the seller of a property does not pay the final bill it becomes the responsibility of the new owner.  Water bills follow the property not the person.  In the case of a property sale most often the lawyers handling the sale and/or purchase of the property want these bills paid at closing so there is no question it has been paid. All water bills are the responsibility of the property owner of record. It is important to be sure the final bill has been paid whether it is a sale or a lease situation.  If there are arrears due it is possible that amount will be added  to the property owner of  record's tax bill on November 1 with a $300 fee. (See Delinquent Accounts)

A  one-time $35 Transfer fee will be added to the new account. This fee can be paid when the Transfer Application is sent in or on the first bill generated.  

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