Commercial  Water Connections


The Big Flats Water Department serves over 300 commercial accounts. There may be a few small businesses supplied by a private well that may have access to municipal water. The process to hook up is similar to a residence. Please see Residential link on the left.

Most new commercial customers come from new construction or renovations to existing properties. In both cases, the process starts with the Planning Board. Engineered utility drawings are required and must be approved by the water department before the project is approved. Our review covers things like the size and location of the tap and service line. Fire line and domestic line sizes and the appropriate meter size.

Backflow protection is a consideration in commercial properties.  The NYSDOH requires engineered drawings for the backflow protection. The approval process can take 8-12 weeks so be aware of this and plan accordingly. Water will not be turned on at a property without this approval.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.