The Big Flats Water Department serves about 1300 residential properties.  We normally add customers either by new construction or changing from private well to public water.

If you are currently served by a private well and would like to hook up to municipal water, we require a physical separation between our potable water and the well.  But first verify that you have access to public water. To have access means your property is either in front of, beside or across from a water main. There are some properties that are on a well but also have a curb box in their yards, meaning the main is already tapped. In these cases, the property owner would hire a contractor to dig and install a service line from the curb box into the house/basement.  The well will be disconnected, and a meter and appropriate fittings would be installed. The water department will install the latter at your cost. We will also inspect the service line trench before it gets backfilled and inspect the status of the well.  

If you do not have a curb box already, the main will have to be tapped and a curb box installed. This is at the property owner’s cost. If the main is across the road a highway permit may be needed to bore under the road to the main. In these cases, it’s best to give us a call so we can determine what needs to be done.

We require copper service lines. If you have questions, please call the office.

The Big Flats Water Department is responsible for the watermain to the curb box and the meter. The service line, valves on either side of the meter and interior plumbing are the responsibility of the property owner. If you need the water main off at the curb to replace valves or do other repairs please call the office and schedule an appointment. Call-outs after hours incur a $400 charge (minimum).  Time and materials could also be charged depending on the circumstances.