Guide to Connecting to Municipal Water

The Big Flats Water Department is adding customers every year. Some of these are residential homes that were previously served by a private well. Others are new construction either residential or commercial. Whatever the case, we are happy to add them to our municipal water system. The process for connecting is basically the same, but costs vary. Below is a link to the Water Department fees.

Fee Schedule
Quick Note on Private Wells

Some homes within the Big Flats Water District are still served by private wells. If there is a water main adjacent to them, the property is considered grandfathered in to allow the continued use of the well rather than hooking up to our system until the ownership of the property changes. The Rules and Regulations of the Big Flats Water Department state:

Local Law No 1.2000 S 1-13.04.020 - General conditions and restrictions.

These Rules and Regulations are prescribed by the Water Board. Every person and/or premise supplied water or who shall be supplied or whose premise is supplied or will be supplied with water by the Water District, must comply with these Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are incorporated into any contract existing, or any future contract between such person and the Water Districts. All persons and premises within the service area of the Water District shall connect to the water system either at the time of construction or change in ownership of the premises, should either occur following the enactment date of this local law.